By some estimate, 300 million plastic toner cartridges are land filled globally each year. At about 3 pounds per cartridge this equates to 450,000 tons of land filled plastic, steel, aluminum, rubber, foam and other components per year. In addition, to produce a new cartridge, the energy equivalent of 3 quarts of oil is consumed.

It is clear that there is a high energy and resource cost associated with each toner cartridge and one may readily conclude that a program to reuse the plastic cartridge is warranted.

In the lexicon of environmental stewardship, there is a hierarchy of preferred practices:

Recycle REduce



From top to bottom in this list, the greatest benefit to our limited resources and environment can be found. Of course, this means the best way to become an environmental guru is to reduce usage.
In terms of toner cartridges, the ultimate environmentally friendly solution is to cut down on the number of pages printed. This saves the most money, the most energy, the most resources and has zero land fill impact.

This ideal is fine, but there are times when printing is simply needed. In fact, it appears that the amount of pages printed each year continues to increase. Therefore, it is important to look at Reuse and Recycle opportunities as well.

EcoPrint remanufactured toner cartridges are prime example of the Reuse as well as Recycle model.